Shorter Videos Yield Better Results

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Getting to know the online video viewing behavior and preferences of your target audience is step one for smart video producers. Who do you want to reach and how do they like to view videos? What do they enjoy watching? Do they watch on TVs, computers, or smart phones?

In a Nielsen study released last April, for example, millenials (ages 14 – 34) are more multicultural than older Americans (about 42% of this age group are Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans) and tend to view videos more on their phones than other devices.

One thing all demographics have in common is a preference for brevity. This Photo focus article argues that keeping your videos shorter rather than longer will pay off in increased views.

Staying under 3 minutes, and breaking a longer video into shorter segments will earn higher viewer rates. When it comes to online videos, the way to go is “short and sweet.”

Shorter Videos Yield Better Results

From Photo focus:

Here’s a simple idea: Keep your videos short. It is better to have five 3-minute videos than one 15-minute episode. I try to keep most client videos to less than 10 minutes (in fact less than 5 in almost all cases).

Benefits of Shorter Videos
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