Shooting miniatures and dioramas with DitoGear™ MiniJib

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This time we would like to share a project created by Bartek Hlawka, that uses a technique of shooting miniatures and dioramas in a park of scale models. ‘Miniature History' focuses on the most remarkable events in the world's history.

To learn more about ‘Miniature History', please refer to DitoGear™ latest Spotlight #14.


Behind the Scenes

The project was created with help of the DitoGear™ MiniJib, released a few days ago. MiniJib is remarkably compact and portable, serves as an add-on to the OmniHead.

MiniJib can be used manually or with the OmniHead for amazing stop-motion and timelapse results.



If you own the OmniHead, MiniJib starts at a tempting price of $370.00.
Full MiniJib manual packages start at $700.00

Learn more about DitoGear™ MiniJib

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