No More Tears with the Airbox Light Inflatable Softbox

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LED lights are a great new technology for lighting on video shoots. Low in cost, light in weight, cool to the touch, and long-lasting lamps – there's no downside to using LED's when shooting people, right?

On the first shoot I used my brand new 600 lamp LED light fixture as a fill light on my spokesperson, I wondered why my subject was crying? Well, they weren't actually crying, but I could see tears in their eyes through my viewfinder.

They said they were affected by the powerful pinpoints of light that are a hallmark of LED fixtures. To fight the harshness, I've tried taping rectangles of frost diffusion across the front of the fixture, but it wasn't pretty and didn't fully solve the eyestrain problem.

This highly-favorable review by Matt Allard from News Shooter has convinced me put a few of these low-cost inflatable Airbox Light inflatable softboxes on my gear shopping list.

Airbox Lights

The Airbox inflatable soft box is a new concept that I first saw at NAB earlier this year. It is a new take on an old age problem – soft sources for not so soft lights. The Airbox simply attaches with velcro straps and is designed specifically for LED lights that run cool. By making the soft box blow-up it can pack down really small and is very lightweight. Other handy features are a slot for coloured gels on the front of the unit and an optional plastic grid. The low cost means that users can add soft boxes to a variety of different lights without having to spend a fortune.

Airbox light 1

Airbox light

It is the unique design and affordability that make the Airbox stand out. There are a variety of sizes to fit a multitude of different lights. A version for 1×1 sized LED panels version should be coming in December this year.

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Are your LED lights too bright? How does this Airbox line look to you? Let others know by clicking on the Forum link below.

(cover photo credit: snap from Airbox)

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