Motrr Now Shipping Highly Anticipated Bluetooth Galileo iPhone robotic dock

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Back in 2007 many of us wondered why Apple was getting into the smart phone business. Six years later we can hardly remember a world without them. The designers of the Gorillapod(tm) tripods are shipping their Galileo robotic dock for Apple devices – check out their web site at

Of course you'll need a spare iPhone or iPod Touch, but when you place it in this dock and install one of their two apps, Airbeam or Presence, you can access that docked device from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. But wait, there's more. Not only can you view what your docked device sees, you can pan 360 degrees with a swipe of your finger!

Galileo turns your smart phone into a dedicated security camera, baby monitor, a corporate video conference tool, and I'm sure many more creative uses in the future.

Motrr's Press Release

Motrr, led by the designers of Gorillapod™ camera tripods, is now shipping the Bluetooth version of its popular Galileo robotic dock, compatible with iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5th generation. The original 30-pin model attracted $702,427 in pledges when it first launched on Kickstarter in 2012, more than seven times the fundraising goal. Among the first apps to integrate with the new Bluetooth model is remote-monitoring app Airbeam, while Presence app works great with the original 30-pin model.

“Galileo is a platform that third party app developers are continuing to adopt for many uses, including video conferencing, time lapse photography, remote monitoring and more,” said Jasper Eisenberg, Marketing Manager at Motrr. “Airbeam and Presence are two apps optimized for use with Galileo, making remote monitoring more immersive, easy and affordable.”

Imagine being able to confidently make sure a young child in another room is playing safely, keep an eye on pets before they destroy furniture, check in on home while away, or have a tool to inspect places that are difficult to view directly otherwise such as an attic or basement.

Motrr Press Continued

The AirBeam App

Using the AirBeam app ($3.99) with Galileo, users can turn an iPhone or iPod Touch into a real-time HD video and audio monitoring system, watching the stream on a second smartphone, tablet or web browser. Users can even set up multiple Galileos to view multiple screens simultaneously, thereby covering every angle of their home for a complete video monitoring solution. If the subject of interest moves out of frame, simply swipe on the viewing device and the camera will rotate to keep the subject in view. AirBeam is compatible with Galileo Bluetooth and Galileo 30-pin.

Learn more about the AirBeam App HERE [tentblogger-youtube qah0wDO5BtI]

The Presence App

The Presence app (free) also allows for remote surveillance over Wi-Fi and cellular data so users can monitor their home, garage, office or other areas of interest from anywhere in the world. Settings can be customized to send alerts and short video clips when motion is detected. Presence is compatible with Galileo 30-pin.

Learn more about the Presence App HERE [tentblogger-youtube 0u_PI93UfjI]

Motrr Galileo

The Motrr Galileo, $149.95, is available now in two versions – Bluetooth (compatible with iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5th generation) and 30-pin (compatible with iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 4th generation). Learn more about Motrr by visiting and browse the full list of compatible apps at

About Motrr

At Motrr, we believe in designing and building products that transform the way we connect with each other and with the world around us. We hope you love using Galileo as much as we do. Learn more about Motrr by visiting and following Motrr on and Twitter, @motrmotrr. Developers can visit for more information.

[ Via Motrr's Press Release ]

What's your take on this device? Do you want remote camera pan control for your smartphone camera? Find out what others think via the Forums link below.

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