More Evidence Online Video is Exploding

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In this article from photofocus – there is evidence that online video is growing exponentially and offers opportunities for video producers. In addition to top quality production, those who can make a good business case to prospective clients will win the business.

And without video, social media would wither on the vine – where else would we learn of the latest cute kitten video? Seriously, there's reason to celebrate with the explosion of video on the Internet – now to win those projects!

The Growth of Video

In this video from, we see the amazing growth of video in recent years.

If you’re waiting for a business opportunity, its arrived. If you think the technology is too expensive or to hard, it isn’t. Welcome to the revolution.

For full details on these statistics be sure to read the Pew Research Center’s report – The State of Online Video. It’s available at for free.

[ Via photofocus ] Are you a photographer thinking of adding video services for your client offering? Are you a working video producer finding a growing demand for your services? Share with others by clicking on the Forum link below.

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