MogoPod Mark III – World's Most Versatile Monopod

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In a world where new video products appear every day, often the reaction is “ho-hum.”

Yet another monopod may not generate a storm of excitement unless it's this one. Recently reviewed on Cheesycam, this monopod is called the MogoPod Mark III. My personal monopod requires two hands to loosen each sections to deploy, then tighten each section individually to the desired height. Now I realize that's oh-so five minutes ago.

What if there were a better way? The MogoPod Mark III extends with a single twist and locks just as fast – nice!

Plus, there are some trick ways to turn this not-boring monopod into a light or boom pole.

And you gotta check out the way-cool belt thingy called the MogoCrane that turns you, your waist and your MogoPod Mark III into a living, breathing camera crane!

MogoPod Mark III

Officially available to order, the new MogoPod Mark III is an ultra fast monopod stabilizer that only requires a simple twist to extend to various lengths.

Meet the “M”

A small and medium sized version of the MogoPod Mark III are available depending on the type of use. The larger version can extend to a full 62″ inches and collapse down to just 27″. An optional swiveling tripod foot can be added for additional stability. The MogoPod Mark III can be used right side up, or upside down to boom a small camera or an external flash for photographers.

For more details about this product, check out CheesyCam's article “Mogopod Mark III Monopod Stabilizer + MogoCrane Belt System

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(cover photo credit: snap from CheesyCam)

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