Light Craft is offering 25% off for you to try the Rapid ND

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Light Craft Workshop is enticing you to try their Rapid ND Filter by offering it at 25% off!

Light Craft Rapid ND

Light Craft Variable ND

A perfect Variable Neutral Density filter

Light Craft_perfect Variable Neutral Density filter

– It is thin, with just 0.8cm thick, it avoids vignetting at most of the wide angle lens

– It is handy, with a variable range from ND2~ND1000 (depends on lens and camera combination), with just one filter you can do a wide range of ND shooting, while you need to carry a one filter for each ND stops in the past.

-It gives you control, if we take video with DSLR, we can't really control the iris (aperture) smoothly. Rapid ND helps you to adjust exposure during rolling with no clicks.

-It is affordable, while other multi-coated variable ND cost you more than USD$300, we cost you less than USD$200.

How is the performance?

Light Craft_How is the performance 2

Photographers here may ask: “We tried a lot of variable filters, but it get so soft from 90mm focal length and not usable at 200mm if I am doing a portraits shot, will your be the same?” We here can look at a comparison chart that we use a DSC Lab Cinezone resolution chart, with a Canon 5D MK3, Canon 70-200 F/2.8 L IS USM as set up. You can compare the sharpness between having the Light Craft Rapid ND and no filter.

25% Discount on Rapid ND1>

Light Craft is doing a 25 % off when you order their Rapid ND at their official website till December 10, 2013. Use the the coupon code is “rapidnd”

You can purchase Light Craft products at their shop with FREE Shipping at!shop/c1ql

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(cover photo credit: snap from the Light Craft site)

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