LensProToGo Annual Used Gear Sale Coming on November 13th

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Our good friends at LensProToGo are having their annual used lens/camera sale next week! If you're looking for some really good bargains, stop in!

LensProToGo Gear Sale



From LensProToGo Press Release:

What we need to know

* All of the gear will be listed on the site on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 starting at 12:00 PM ET.

* Cameras and lenses come with a 2 year warranty.

* Most items will come in the original box.

* Cameras will come with a charger, battery and neck strap.

* Lenses do not come with hoods but we highly suggest Amazon.com for replacement hoods. They have pages upon pages of them!

* Ground Shipping is included in the price of your purchase and a signature is required upon delivery.

* Sale is only valid in the US. We will not ship outside of the US.

* Accepted forms of payment include American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

* We do not accept LensProToGo Gift Cards, PayPal, personal checks, money orders, Monopoly money or Chuck E. Cheese tokens but virtual high five to you if you actually have that many Chuck E. Cheese tokens. You’re A-OKAY in our books.

* Most gear has been with us 12-18 months though that doesn’t mean it was used continuously for 12-18 months. We rotate our gear to give it some good R&R before heading back to the job site.

LensProToGo Gear Sale image

What to do before the Sale (Reminder from LensProToGo)

* If you have rented with us before but HAVE NOT logged into our new site, you’ll want to reset your password here. Please do this before the sale starts as you’ll just get frustrated trying to complete the order quickly!

* If you have logged into our new site recently, log back in and triple check/add your credit card, shipping address and billing address.

* If you are new to LensProToGo…Welcome to our family! Sign up for an account now!

The sale will start promptly at 12:00PM ET on the For Sale section of our website. Over the next few days, this page will go blank as we pull together the final list. At noon, we will list everything, so be ready!

Read FAQs about this Sale

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(cover photo credit: snap from LensProToGo Press)

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