Juicedlink BMC388 – Specifically designed for Blackmagic users

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The most challenging part of making videos, in my opinion, is capturing high quality audio. Shooting with many cameras is made more challenging when there are no XLR inputs (balanced audio with reliable connections) like on many DSLRs, which have lousy preamps. Recording to an external, secondary device complicates every step of the workflow, and if you're like me, what can go wrong will go wrong.

On a recent shoot, when I climbed up to look at my external recorder, it was sitting there blinking – I had neglected to press the record button the second time. Although connected to my camera's mic input and recording, I lost nearly 45 minutes of good audio and now face hours in post production fixing my on-camera audio tracks.

In this article by Dan Chung of News Shooter, Juicedlink has a number of devices with high-quality pre-amps and this newest one, the Juicedlink BMC388, is intended for recording audio with the Blackmagic Cinema and Pocket Cinema cameras. In addition, this can be used for any camera lacking a quality preamplifier.

Juicedlink BMC388


From Dan Chung of News Shooter:

Juicedlink have quietly taken the wraps off the latest in their line of low-noise preamps. The BMC388 is targeted at users of Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera and Pocket Cinema Camera, but could also prove useful for users of other DSLRs and large sensor cams. Similar to the existing RM333 model, it adds LED audio level meters and locking balanced outputs. Somehow it manages to do this without adding much weight or size. Like the RM333 it has three XLR inputs as well as 48V/12V phantom power. It runs from a single 9V cell.


[ Via News Shooter ]
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