Digital Bolex D16 to be released soon

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I'm in love with the Digital Bolex. Not just because of the nostalgia – I owned a real live Bolex 16mm camera so many years ago. I remember the big crank on the side of the camera body for winding the clockwork motor mechanism. The satisfying click of the rotating turret with three lenses. The loud whirring sound that made recording audio problematic. Ahh, memories.

No, I'm fascinated with the Digital Bolex because the development team has revealed every last detail of their progress on their website. They also seem to be really nice people who are themselves in love with film storytelling and want to create a camera that makes beautiful images and impeccable audio. And they've designed their camera with a blend of retro and futuristic “cool.”

Read the full article at Red Shark, We think Digital Bolex is a great idea whatever else happens. In our world filled with video and stills camera gear that's pretty much bland, safe, and buttoned-down, my hopes are high that the Digital Bolex will capture images that look as good as the device itself.

Digital Bolex D16 to be released soon

From RedShark News:

One thing you could never accuse the Digital Bolex team of is secrecy. Theirs has been the most open, transparent and frank account we've ever seen of a camera development project.

And while other cameras have been conceived, developed, refined and shipped in less time than the D16, the Digital Bolex device remains focused on its original aims: to provide an accessible device that will capture gorgeous images. Added to this – to the delight of many enthusiasts – is the ability to record high quality (and high sample-rate, even up to 96KHz) audio.

Digital Bolex D16

For full details, read RedShark News' article: We think Digital Bolex is a great idea whatever else happens

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Are you interested in shooting with the Digital Bolex when they start shipping? Let others know your thoughts by clicking on the Forums link below.

(cover photo credit: snap from RedShark News)

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