Comparative Test of 8 Top Cameras

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When I saw my personal camera listed in this 8 camera comparison, I wondered how it would stack up against some very expensive and highly respected devices. You have to watch the full video to appreciate the scope of this “shootout” from an article by RedShark News.

The test is very detailed and at the end I was overwhelmed by how far we've come in camera quality. ALL of the cameras looked amazing. The differences were stark, but many of the images could have been graded to look quite different. To be honest, I have no experience with any of the cameras besides mine.

Just a few short years ago we were thrilled with how much better the smudgy, high contrast images from our HDV cameras looked. Today, flat ungraded images hold large amounts of dynamic range that can be massaged to look pretty much any way we want. Once again, this camera shootout showed that we're incredibly lucky to be making media in a time when every day the tools get more capable and less expensive.

From RedShark News:

Thanks to Ludovico Bettarello for sending us this comparison. He's an independent colourist, editor and general-purpose expert in all things in post production and finishing.

Eight camera megatest – eight top cameras pitted against each other

To read the full article, visit RedShark News [ Via RedShark News ]

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Do you have any of these cameras? What do you think of the camera comparison test? Let others in on your thoughts.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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