Can the iPhone 5S hack it as a movie camera?

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A while ago, we got this tweet about shooting a short with the iPhone 5S. I put off looking at for a while because I wasn't so sure that I wanted to see yet another iPhone short, but once I saw this, I just had to share it with you.

You can see that the iPhone 5S isn't perfect because there is some moire as well as a nasty bit of rolling shutter in the short, but you can also see that there's some good quality in the video itself.

What you won't see, is the very shallow depth of field that you get with a full frame or a large sensor DSLR, And of course you're lens choices are very limited, assuming you get one of the add-on lens kits for the iPhone, but you can also see that there is a good future in using the iPhone as a tool to shoot some video as well as a b-roll cam.

And who knows what's going to happen in the next five years!

But you know, planet5D will be keeping an eye on all these things for you so keep planet5D in your daily reading list!

Matt Morris – iPhone 5s adventure

Vimeo description

Shot completely on the iPhone 5s.
Music composed using iPhone ringtones.

To celebrate the powerful new camera and features of the Apple iPhone 5s, Ben Worley and I shot this short film showcasing its awesomeness. With the larger sensor, larger pixels, larger aperture and slow motion video on the iPhone 5s, and the brilliantly composed music by Ben Worley using iPhone ringtones, this film really came together well. I can now sincerely say that the iPhone 5s can be a powerful production tool.

Love what Stu Maschwitz said about our film, “Don’t shoot a movie with your iPhone. Unless it’s this one, in which case bwahahahawesome.”

Directed/ Shot/ Edited by: Dave Altizer @davealtizer
Written/ Composed by: Ben Worley
Produced by: Caroline Deaton
Boom operator: Matt Altizer
Matt Morris – @mattadormusic
Ben Worley – @subtumble
Freerunner – Dylan Bumbalough
Skateboarder – Collin Sullivan – @CollinSullivan8
Special thanks to Nick Serban IV for supplying the boom mic!

Shot using a custom made rig using the Studio Neat Glif + attached to a Wooden Camera dslr cage. Underwater scene shot using the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5s.

Film edited in Apple Final Cut Pro X. Score composed using Apple Logic Pro 9.

What did you think?

I know the video is a bit cheesy, but hey, you get to see the iPhone 5S in good use in daylight and shooting some action. No low light stuff going on here, but we'll look for some additional footage in low light to explore the iPhone there.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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