Add Pro Video Overlays to any HDMI TV Or Monitor with the new V-Converter from Aputure

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If you're happy with your external monitor, meaning that you have all the overlay features you need to get well-exposed, in-focus, and correctly color-balanced images, you may not need this device.

This review, Aputure V-Converter Review – Pro Video Overlays on any HDMI TV Or Monitor from DSLRShooter, shows the all the features you get with the V-Converter from Aputure.

I like my external monitor for location shoots, but my camera lacks a live histogram display, so this converter would be a big help in hitting exposure. In the studio, using a large screen TV hooked up to this cool converter would be great for green screen and tabletop shoots.

Since holiday season is approaching, I'll start dropping some hints.

Aputure V-Converter Review

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Product Description

Turn basic monitor into professional monitoring

Create your own exciting professional monitoring with V-Converter, and turn low cost basic monitor into one with advanced functions such as PEAK, Zebra marking, False color, Histogram, audio meter, etc. You can also easily add new software updates for new functions via USB in the future.

You can get the Aputure V-Converter HERE.

Learn more about this product on DSLR Video Shooter's article “Aputure V-Converter Review – Pro Video Overlays on any HDMI TV Or Monitor


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