4K Switched Live!

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Sony will unveil a spectacular new 4K studio camera and a live production switcher at CCW in a few weeks. According to the website, we can expect to see a solution for wireless XDcam workflow, new displays and new wireless audio solutions as well.

Live 4k production?

Live 4K production is something that is far in the future for broadcasting (we don' even receive 1080p broadcasts yet due to bandwidth restrictions) but it is certainly something that can greatly help the user experience at entertainment venues like concerts and sporting events.

This can also lead to better hardware at a cheaper price point for current HD cameras.

Maybe this sparks a chain of events that places a great demand on 4K DSLR's being the standard? Who knows! What are your thoughts on the world of 4k and how it relates to the work that YOU do now?

The upcoming CCW Expo (Content and Communications World) is at the Javits center in Manhattan November 13-14, 2013

This event is expecting over 6000 attendees and centers in on the world of media and entertainment technology with a large portion of the focus being on Broadcast Engineering and 4K. It is a free event for qualified media professionals that pre-register.

For more information, or to register, go to the CCW website at www.ccwexpo.com

(cover photo credit: snap from sony)

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