#1 of 7 Common Mistakes Photographers Make

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If you shoot video for a living you know exactly what is meant by a “…gut-wrenching realization.” It means that you are on a shoot surrounded by people, piles of equipment and a ticking clock – and you just realized you [fill in the blank]. Forgetting something, bringing dead batteries, the wrong cable, or an entire camera (yes, on one of my first shoots I brought absolutely everything I needed but left my camera sitting at home).

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Here are some mistakes from my past – forgetting to turn on an external recorder, leaving a storage card back in the editing suite, realizing that a loud air conditioner has spoiled an entire day's worth of audio. We have nobody to blame – we've chosen a profession that goes wonderfully well when you remember 200 things, but turns into a disaster when you forget just one. But give yourself a break, admitting mistakes means we won't make them again. Hopefully.

Common Mistakes Photographers Make

Common Mistakes Photographers Make

From Phoblographer:

Not Checking My Gear Bag Before a Shoot

Assuming that I have everything that I need in my bag can and has been a big mistake. It’s easy to forget that an important cable or lens was used for another shoot and not returned to it’s proper place. The sudden realization that some critical piece of kit is not where it should be can make even the easiest shoot a challenge.

Going through the bag the night before and making sure that each camera, lens and accessory is in its place is a big part of my preparation for a shoot. It’s often the small things such as cables, adapters that I have to pay special attention to as they are the easiest things to overlook.

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