Work Faster With Custom Assignable Buttons On Canon C100,C300 & C500

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We all want to work faster right? I hate digging in the menu to find and then change a setting while I'm at a shoot. Did you know the Canon Cinema EOS cameras have fifteen assignable buttons for camera functions that can be mapped to any of the numbered buttons on the camera? It's super easy to do.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.33.30 PM

Just go into the menu and follow this.

  1. Other Functions.
  2. Assign Button
  3. Hit the select on the mini joystick
  4. Find a button you want to customize. If it doesn't have one already it will show (NONE)
  5. Push the select on the joystick
  6. Now scroll down to the function you want to change. On my C100 I changed the #1 Rewind to Headphone – and #3 Fast Forward to Headphone +. These aren't used during record mode, so they are perfect for a function that I didn't have, and it's on the back of the camera so it's easy to get to.
  7. Push the select down on the joystick and your done!

That's pretty easy and it saves you time not having to get into the menu for such common functions. If you don't want to accidentally change any functions, turn the power switch to the lock icon position and the function buttons will be disabled.

Do you customize your camera buttons? If so what's your favorite?


(cover photo credit: snap from a Canon camera)

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