Set up a chest stabiliser on a minimum budget

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Elbows against your rib cage, knees flexed, cradle the camera gently in your hands and shoot…darn, the shots are still shaky. Well, how about a really cheap way to add that third point of contact for smoother shots?

Check out this article by RedShark News.

Polaroid Chest stabiliser

Chris Cory reviews the Polaroid Chest Stabiliser camera rig

This is a really cheap way to set up your camera for maximum stability on a budget. Chris Cory, in this video produced for RedShark, shows that just because this is cheap, doesn't mean it isn't versatile.

[tentblogger-youtube SzcGxhPU9ts] [ Via RedShark News for the full article. ]
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Head on over to the forums to share your tips and see how others have smoothed out their video shooting.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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