New Hi Speed Mini HD Camera from Pyle Audio – can it compete with the GoPro?

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Pyle Audio announces an exciting new camera that may very well shake up the mini HD camera world. You know, that world that has been dominated by GoPro.


Pyle Audio

Pyle Audio has been around for decades. As their name suggests, they have been specializing in speakers and (self-proclaimed) ‘high-end audio at an affordable price'.

This camera is currently the only video acquisition device that they offer, but the features that people want are there: 12mp still camera, 1080p and 720p shooting options, microSD slot and the option to shoot 120 fps.


Hi Speed Mini HD Cam

With a 2.5″ touch screen LCD, WiFi, a remote, protective housing and multiple mount options included for $99, you can literally get three of them for the price of one GoPro Hero3. In a niche market where having multiple cameras recording from different perspectives at the same time, that is a HUGE advantage.

The questions left are regarding build quality: How tough is this camera and the accompanying accessories? While the price is great, the reliability should be up to par as well.

What are your requirements for a mini HD camera; and, at a third the cost of a new Hero3, are you willing to give Pyle a shot?


The Hi Speed Mini HD camera is available now at,-120-Mega-Pixel-Camera-and-24-Touch-Screen-(White-Color)

(cover photo credit: snap from the vendor)


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