DimpleSticks connection system: Erector set for filmmakers

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Hondo Garage announces their new approach to camera rigs called the DimpleSticks System. I just had to call and find out where the name Hondo Garage came from.

Stay with me here, as founder Wiley (who first burst on the scene with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign for a $50 follow focus) told a long and complicated story about being on an assignment as a photographer and writer to find and report on Fordlandia, a rubber plantation/ MidWestern town built in 1928 by Henry Ford in the heart of the Amazon jungle then abandoned. He explained that, in his communications with the editors of a now-defunct adventure magazine, he started using the word Hondo as a mysterious location where magical things were made.

The bottom line is Wiley and Ben are in their Hondo Garage making affordable, awesome tools for videographers. Whew! The aforementioned DimpleSticks can be found as components in the current camera rigs, and in two weeks, will be available for purchase as individual parts. As Wiley put it, “Think about DimpleSticks as Lego pieces that can be combined in innumerable ways to suit your personal camera and accessory needs.”

Wiley and his colleague Ben hinted at some totally cool new products coming down the pipeline sometime in November. No doubt Hondo Garage is a company to keep an eye on, and stay tuned for upcoming product announcements.

The new DimpleSticks connection system from HONDO Garage is like an erector set for filmmakers.


From Hondo Garage:

We've been getting a lot of requests for more rig options, specifically a shoulder rig. We've been taking our own sweet time in responding to these requests because we're not all that interested in making a slight variation on what lots of other companies are already doing. But now, we've got what we think is something interesting and innovative enough to release. Let us introduce you to the DimpleSticks connection system. Think of it as an erector set for filmmakers.

dimplesticks 1

Rods and Blocks: The heart of the DimpleSticks system are the DimpleSticks-compatible 15mm iris rods, and the DimpleSticks block. These two parts connect to form rigid, rotation-resistant connections thanks to the tapered connection points. The taper both centers and locks the rod to the block, forming a connection that can be used to construct all kinds of rigs…all with a basic kit of reconfigurable parts.

dimplesticks 2

Room to Grow: Just because your filmmaking needs change, doesn't mean you have to start over with a whole new rig. With just a few extra parts, rigs such as the Big Rig can be converted into a top-handled rig, mancam-style rig, a shoulder rig, a cage, or whatever you can imagine. The rigs pictured above are just the beginning. Our shoulder rig parts will be available in November, along with a cage, cold shoe mount, cable clamps, and a slider block…all built from a few standard DimpleSticks parts. The DimpleSticks system gives you room to grow and the freedom to build.

New Products Based on the DimpleSticks System

New Products Based on the DimpleSticks System

For more information, visit Dimplesticks System [ Via Hondo Garage Press Release ]

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(cover photo credit: snap from Hondo Garage)

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