Banish the Blur: 7 Tips to create sharper images

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Back to Photography 101 Basics – how to create sharp, rich in-focus images.

From The Phoblographer, learning how to get sharper still photographs pays off in better-looking videos too.

7 Tips for Sharper Photographs


Hold the Camera Correctly

Hold the camera

Sharpness begins with camera handling. Whether using a large HDSLR or mirror-less camera, two hands are always better than one. With most cameras, place the left hand on the bottom of the body with your fingers on the base of the lens. Position your right hand on the handgrip, with your index finger placed gently over the shutter release button.

Use a Tripod

Use a Tripod

Though not all types of photography are conducive to using one, a tripod can be one of the best tools you have available to get the sharpest photographs possible. Don’t limit your yourself to thinking that you need a full-size tripod with you at all times. In many instances a small table-top tripod that can fit into your camera bag may be all that you need.

Whether large or small, a tripod provides stability, thus reducing the negative impact of camera shake.

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