Vimeo On Demand Evolves: Renting, buying, preordering, statisticing

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Vimeo seems to be really pushing the boundaries for filmmakers and that's nothing but good for us! Now they've added rentals, pre-ordering, improved customer checkout and better statistics. Go Vimeo!

Vimeo On Demand Evolves: Renting, buying, preordering, statisticing

This spring, the incredibly incredible video distribution platform Vimeo On Demand (VOD) hit computers for the first time ever in the history of the universe. Since then, Vimeo PRO members have been selling their masterpieces directly to viewers and earning cold hard cash from people who love cold hard independent masterpieces.


Vimeo On Demand

What's new?

Rent or buy, the limit is the sky
Viewers can now rent (stream only) or buy (stream and download) work through Vimeo On Demand, at separate prices. Because options are good.

Now accepting preorders
Creators can build hype (and count those cash chickens before they hatch) by making work available for preorder.

More advanced stats
Because “advanced” on its own just wasn’t cutting it. When you log in to your PRO account to view your Stats, you’ll see a freshly integrated Stats dashboard.

And there’s a ton more mixed into the VOD terroir, including a new and improved checkout experience and promo codes, to help serve up the perfect work to its perfect audience. We just want everything to be perfect, ok?

So bring up your finest vintage video from the cellar (or, like, from your computer) and start selling it on VOD today. Or, if you’re more the viewing type, start purchasing. Those gigantic piles of money aren’t going to spend themselves.

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