The Lens Apparatus, Timelapse Lens Motion Control

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Here's another interesting video accessory looking for funding that you might be interested in – a follow focus and timelapse lens control! Pretty cool!

About the Lens Apparatus

The Lens apparatus is a new hardware and software solution to provide time lapse and video lens control, designed to work as both a stand-alone system, as well as an add-on system for your existing motion control equipment.

Now you can shoot wide open and introduce accurate focus control and play with the Depth of Field and zoom as never before.

* Compatible with any standard 15mm rod system

* Built in suspension ensures the lens apparatus will move with the lens, instead of shoving the lens.

* Stepper motor for precise control.

* Rear mounted Stepper motor keeps the system out of view of even ultrawide lenses.

* Focus Gear uses .8 pitch gear to mate up with any standard focus ring gear.

* Black color prevents light reflections from casting unwanted light into the frame.

* Compatible with any standard 15mm rod system

Time lapse Photography control

Vertigo Shots

Focus Pulls

Live-Ramping control

Automated control

Repeatable moves

Ramped motion

Distance and shot control

HDR support

Focus stacking

Lens Apparatus

Live Video Control

A completely redesigned and overhauled Continuous Motion mode gives a variety of direct position and speed control methods.

Live speed control

A-B Keyframing (Virtual Markers)

Variable speed motion control

Fixed speed motion control

Direct Positioning control

The ChronoController

Of course the Lens Apparatus on its own is not very useful. You need a good way to control it. Our solution, was our ChronoController. This is our universal motion controller, loaded with useful features and an extremely flexible time lapse engine.

Controllers Ver 1, Ver 2, Ver 3

Controllers Ver 1, Ver 2, Ver 3

About the ChronoController

* Designed as a universal motion controller system for real time movement and time lapse photography.

* Hosts a very robust stepper control feature set not seen in any other system, as well as more traditional time lapse control capability.

* Controls a single stepper motor, up to 2 amps per phase.

* Full timelapse control engine offers a flexible orchestration between the camera shutter release and stepper motion.

* Sync mode offers extremely easy integration with 3rd party controllers, intervalometers, bulb rampers, or anything else that can trigger a camera, including in-camera intervalometers and Magic Lantern firmware.

* For a complete list check out the Chronocontroller instruction manual online at

ChronoController [tentblogger-vimeo 69862144]

For more information, visit “The Lens Apparatus, Time Lapse Lens Motion Control”

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