Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial iPhone app

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Rick Sammon – a popular photographer/instructor has released a very nice iPhone app called Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial.

If you want to see an interview I did with Rick, I've added it below the app info… scroll down!

Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial

Sundial 1

Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial is an interactive app loaded with features that help you find the best light – sunlight, starlight and moonlight. What's more, it includes 25 of my favorite sunrise/sunset/moonrise pictures, along with photo advice.

Sundial_new sun and moon

Here are 2 main features on Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial


You view, with a virtual sundial overlaid on an aerial view of the set location, where the sun will rise and set each day at your location in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and China. You use a slider to preview the sun's location throughout the day. Sunrise and sunset times are shown, along with the sun's elevation and angle. And for the iPhone 5 and iPad, there is even a shadow meter.

GPS coordinates are also provided, as well as nautical and astronomical information, such as twilight start and stop times.

Want to get sunrise/sunset info on a nearby or far away destination? There's a location search – by text and voice – feature, too. Once you find a location, you can name that location, save that location and even make notes. When you want to plan a sunrise and sunset shoot, the Set Date/Time helps you make that plan.

Current weather and a five-day forecast can tell you to get up early (when there is great light) or sleep in (when it is cloudy). Phases of the moon are also shown in real time and for the week ahead.

My Locations

This feature lets you save all your favorite locations in one place, for easy reference. You can plan your trip and home and access that location in the field. You can even share your locations with other Photo Sundial users.

Sundial_Adjust exposure

For more information, visit Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial

Rick Sammon interview

This is a live interview I recorded with Rick a couple of years ago… [tentblogger-vimeo 27495958]

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

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