"Only 78" Kickstarter project seeks aid to replace the seawall in Gabarus

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Jawad Mir sent us this request to support his Blackmagic Cinema Camera project on kickstarter

Currently, I am directing a feature length documentary called ONLY 78 that is far from finished. It is a grippingly inspiring story of survival, hope and struggle of a brave few against the power of many.

The reason I am reaching out to you and so many others in the industry is to get the word out. We are looking to raise $80,000 in 45 days. Anything extra we raise will go to the betterment of the village. If you can promote it on your website and/or social network or even contribute as little as $10, it would be greatly appreciated.

From a technical point, it was filmed entirely on Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5k and we used Kessler Stealth Slider

Only 78 – Save the Canadian Coastal Community

“Only 78” is the story of how a small community with an indomitable spirit has united to tell its story and lay claim to a sustainable future, stubbornly refusing to face the prospect of the destruction of their nearly 300 year old community without a fight.

Gabarus is a small fishing village on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. For nearly 70 years, it was for the most part well-protected from the frequently violent storms of the North Atlantic by a seawall originally built by the Canadian government. The 500 metre-long structure was breached by a severe storm in October, 1983. Following repairs, very little additional maintenance or repair work has been performed on the seawall. Threatened by more frequent, increasingly violent storms and rising sea levels, the neglected, failing seawall no longer adequately protects this village of 78 people and its productive commercial fishing harbour.

Fairness and the unfulfilled promises of open government are also at issue in Gabarus. How important is it that citizens have a voice in how governments form policy and operate? What level of threat or threshold of population is considered sufficient to move governments to act when faced with real and predictable risk to lives and livelihoods in coastal communities, large and small? In partial answer to these questions, we believe the subtitle of ‘Only 78’ speaks for itself: “Every Life Matters”.

A request to help save lives

Seawall in Gabarus

Seawall in Gabarus


An effort has been launched by the community to see that the federal government participates in the planning and execution of strategies to preserve the historic and growing community. No doubt many challenges and battles are on the horizon for this small village as it continues to fight for its future.

Help us document this ongoing story and join us to celebrate the determination of a small village to succeed, despite the odds, in helping to shape its own destiny. As many in Gabarus have said… “we are all in this together. It is our village today, but it may be your community tomorrow”.

For complete information about this campaign, visit “Only 78 – Save the Canadian Coastal Community

What are your thoughts on the Canadian Government's decision to not repair the seawall? Does every citizen not have the right to be protected by their government, or are the powers that be correct to weigh a cost vs benefit on a small community of less than 80 people?

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