KineRAW mini Review

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We spotted this review over the weekend and just had to share – the look of the video is quite nice. We haven't been exposed (bad pun) to the KineRAW much, but it looks like a pretty capable camera from the video and it isn't too expensive!

KineRAW mini Review


From Johnnie Behiri:

Last year we saw the first Chinese cinema camera, the Kinefinity KineRAW S35. It recently started shipping and at NAB they presented their new Kineraw MINI: A portable camera that delivers a very brilliant 2K RAW image from a 4K sensor. It costs 3800€ (inc. tax) and it should start shipping very soon.

cinema5D took the KineRAW mini for a test shoot and here’s the detailed review:

You know the times when all things just “click” together allowing one to achieve great results?

That’s how I felt when Michel and Ludwig from “hd video shop”, currently the sole distributor of Kinefinity cameras were kind enough to lend us the new KineRAW mini for a few days. At the same time Ram Leetal who is a great DP, friend and mentor asked me to help and shoot/edit a small story about 2 young sailors who are trying to make it to the 2016 Olympics on their own.

These sportsmen are very determined to make it despite the many obstacles on their way. (the main one is finding a sponsor who can support them fulfilling their dream). What else can I ask for, a nice little camera to test and a great opportunity to try and help the 2 sportsmen achieve their goal…


KineRaw mini Continued

The Chinese company Kinefinity currently has 2 camera models: The new KineRAW mini shares the same sensor with the bigger KineRAW S35. The mini is shipping now and available for pre-order worldwide. (3-4 weeks delivery time)

Physically the camera is small, very small. I have yet to find a photo that makes justice to its size…

Here is a short list of camera specification from the manufacturer:
• Super35mm Sized 4K CMOS Sensor: Recording format 2K, 1080p, 720p and 576p
• You can record 16 seconds of 100 fps in 720p mode or 48fps in 2K mode
• There’s a S16 mode
• Uncompressed Digital Negative RAW as 12bits CinemaDNG
• Two Mount Options: Native EF Mount (with Electronic Iris Tuning) and KineMOUNT
• Three Color Options: Black/Gray/Champagne
• 3D LUT: In-camera LUT files as KineLOG/Kine709/KineColor
• Light-weight and Compact
• Offline Output Cineform RAW Codec Option: Fast Post-Workflow
• RAW Port Option for external Cineform recorder: Turn MINI into Super-Camera Head


KineRAW 2


[ Via Cinema5d ]

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)


  1. Either terrible coloring or this camera has terrible color. So much going on wrong with this camera, blacks have a reddish magenta in them, skin tones look terrible. I don’t know what else to say cool that you can do 2k slow mo though.

    1. Guys i am sure you have way more experience them me but to be honest i see this video as a result of a test and a camera that to be at this cost it is performing great. I see what you say about color but excuse me my limited knowledge I do not see it that terrible.

      Guys can you please explain a bit better your comments so almost not expericne people like me here can understand better and also have a better idea because myself i am looking to get this camera.

      I will appreciate it.

  2. Guys, thank you for taking the time watching the video and commenting.
    Nothing is wrong with the original colours/blacks of the camera. The footage you see is after CC and I guess it is a matter of taste.

    Thanks again.


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