GoHDR to Bring HDR Technology to Video

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HDR has taken the still photography world by storm; some like the surreal look of very strong HDR, others not so much. But more and more you're looking at HDR images and don't even know it because the photographer uses HDR as a subtle way to bring out details in shadows and to recover blown-out highlights. What if you could apply HDR to video, not just stills?

Well, in this article by News Shooter, that's the whole idea behind Professor Alan Chalmers' new startup GoHDR and instead of using high-priced video cameras he's using DSLR's!

At IBC’s Future floor today, I talked with Professor Alan Chalmers, from the International Digital Laboratory at the University of Warwick. Professor Chalmers has a nascent business called goHDR which provides complex algorithms to help manage HDR technology. On display, the professor was recording 42 GB a minute, but compressed and displayed live on HDR flat panel displays, tone mapped video from off-the-shelf DSLR’s.

IBC 2013: GoHDR – HDR Video from Off the Shelf DSLR's by Dan Chung

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About goHDR

goHDR is a software business, whose niche is to provide advanced data compression algorithms to all those who are developing High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Our aim is to be the leader in the software that enables HDR video. This will bring a revolution in imaging equivalent in impact to the change from black and white to colour. The impact will be enormous, for example, the ability to clearly see the football when it is kicked from the shadow of the stadium into sunshine, or surveillance cameras which can detect detail even in extreme lighting conditions. [ Via News Shooter ]

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