First impressions of Defy G2 Gimbal Stabilizer w/ BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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One of the ‘first impressions of the Defy gimbal' I've seen on the web with a demo video. Bonus it includes BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera footage. This is from

Defy test footage

First impressions

First impressions:I’ve heard that these brushless gimbals are a lot simpler to learn than traditional stabilizers like the Merlin or Glidecam but that is absolutely not true in the case of the Defy G2. Yes, balancing is simpler and doesn’t take more than a few minutes but I found getting a nice stable image to be just as hard if not harder than the Merlin or Glidecam.The Defy G2 is simple to set up. It comes in a nice laser cut Pelican case, pre-assembled and ready to go. Just attach your handles, plug in your batteries, balance your camera and your up and flying in minutes.The Defy G2 can look great once you figure out it’s kinks and limitations.

via » Flying Defy G2 Gimbal Stabilizer w/ BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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