Want to add Lytro re-focussing to your DSLR? Reseachers figure out how

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While the Lytro hasn't yet taken over the world, many are fascinated by the idea that they could re-focus a shot at any time and the presentation shown below indicates that it can be done with your every-day DSLR.

I still have plenty of reservations about this technology and I suspect others do as well… but time marches on and maybe we'll all be dealing with this a decade from now as a standard ‘feature' on our cameras.

SIGGRAPH 2013: Reconfigurable Camera Add-On, KaleidoCamera

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From petapixel

Lytro may have made a splash when the company first burst onto the scene with its ‘snap now, focus later’ technology, but the competition has been growing steadily ever since. In addition to companies like Pelican gunning at the light-field market, a new SLR add-on created by researchers from Saarland University in Germany promises to bring Lytro-style refusing and much more to almost any camera.

The add-on has been dubbed the KaleidoCamera, and it was invented by Alkhazur Manakov and his colleagues. It mounts between your standard DSLR and standard lens, and then performs all sorts of optical magic by messing with the light entering the camera.

Depending on how they choose to modify the add-on (removing and adding special filters and glass), their invention can bring everything from single-shot HDR, to polarization, to Lytro-like refocusing and more to any camera it’s attached to.

via DSLR Add-On Brings Features Like Lytro-Style Refocusing to Any Camera.

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