Pocket Classics: A Summer's Drive

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“A Summer's Drive” is a new Canon EOS 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW video short (tho the entire short isn't RAW) that has quite a little twist that really made me smile – and I know you'll enjoy watching!

Pocket Classics: A Summer's Drive

After watching, I asked Jason if he was flying his Canon EOS 5D Mark III for the final shots:
From Jason:

I wish I had the deep, deep pockets to afford an RC vehicle capable of lifting a 5D3!

The aerial shots and car mounted shots were with the GoPro 3 Black on the Phantom with a Zenmuse gimbal. GoPro was setup to capture 2.7K at 25 fps with Protune and Raw turned on. Even then, the video was quite low quality and difficult to grade, especially when compared with the footage I got from the 5D3. I reduced the GoPro barrel distortion (which I hate) with After Effect's optics compensation and did some scaling and cropping to get 1920 x 872 to match the 5D3.

I only just got magic lantern set up and am really a newb with it and the DJI Phantom, so this little video offered me a decent challenge and practical test of the equipment and software.

The short: A Summer's Drive

[tentblogger-youtube 5GvgjxKY784]

A summer drive through the Suffolk countryside in a Pocket Classics, AC Cobra inspired toy car. Featuring, James Thomas as the driver. With special thanks to Benja Hedley of Pocket Classics and Mr and Mrs Hedley for providing the beautiful location. Shot & edited by Jason Wen with camera assistance from Bruno Fernandes. The video was made to experiment with Magic Lantern RAW video on the Canon 5D Mark III, Dji Phantom quadcopter with Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal and GoPro Hero 3 Black.

Real car?

Did you think it was a real car at the beginning? I sure did!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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