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Our special guest on this episode is Craig Blair is the owner of canonrumors.com and lensrentalscanada.com and a good friend of mine over the past few years – I call him the “loose Canon” (bad pun).

Today we talk about Canon and cameras and of course rumors, but we also get to know a bit more about Craig the guy behind the stories… have a listen (or a watch) and you'll be glad you did – plus, you'll get to find out what “Guinness and Cheddar” is and why Craig is making that at home.

And, please please let us know what you think – positives and negatives and questions for the next shows can be sent to me via the contact page! Or, maybe you have suggestions for upcoming guests? We've got quite a list of superstars to have on the show, but we'd love to have your ideas too!

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