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In today's episode:

1. introduction of our guest patryk kizny
2. News: rotolight controversy over copyrights
3. News: BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera deliveries?

Patryk Kizny is a multi-talented guy who's got his fingers in a lot of different pies! We've featured him on planet5D on several occasions and he's even been doing some guest blog posts. He's into astrophotography (building his own observatory), time-lapse, motion design, software, graphics design, and so much more. He owns two businesses LookyCreative.com and Iguanamill.com and is a partner in DitoGear who has also partnered with Cinevate to sell motion control to add to cinevate's sliders.

Patryk's currently trying to raise funds on indigogo for a project called Rebirth
planet5d.com/rebirth which we talk about extensively and he has some great news at the end of the show about the status of the building used in the movie Patryk did called “the chapel” vimeo.com/16414140 which has over 1 million views on vimeo!

If you want to see my first interview with patryk, please see this link: blog.planet5d.com/podcast/podcast-21-patryk-kizny/

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Barry Andersson (find his book at that link)
(website) is an award-winning independent filmmaker. His career started with live television video production and now includes several acclaimed short films, a television pilot, commercials, and a feature film.

Pamela Ann Berry describes herself as a “Mom, photographer, video producer, camera operator, actress, always looking to get better and learn more. I want to set myself apart and continue doing what I love.”

website… filmstudiospa.com
twitter @pamelaannberry

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