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NextWaveDV processes shared in "Film Scene"

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Our good friends Tony Reale and his team at NextWaveDV are doing some amazing sharing of their processes – NextWaveDV is now producing a new series of shorts about how they work and they’re calling them Film Scene.

We’ve shared the first four below with you and we’re sure you’ll become hooked and want to watch all the rest as they get posted.

Make sure to follow their Film Scene playlist on youtube.

Film Scene

Film Scene : Enhancing Interview Lighting with Household Light Bulbs

In this episode of Film Scene, we show how we use some house-hold light bulbs to add some cool elements to a interview.

Film Scene : Shooting a Video Interview Against a Window

In this episode of Film Scene, we show you how to shoot against a large window and get proper exposure.

Film Scene : Adding Motion to Interviews

In this video we show you how we add dynamic motion to a few video interviews to add life to the shot.

Film Scene : Controlling Light Spill With Visqueen

In this video we show you a couple techniques for using cheap visqueen to control light from spilling all over your set.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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