Luster Grade Presets for FCPX and Premiere Pro from Color Grading Central

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The good folks at color grading central have more good news – if you're looking for some great presets for FCPX and Premiere Pro, they can hook you up.

Luster Grade Presets

Luster Grade Presets

Professional Looks for FCP 7*/X | Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro

Add that “sexy” illusive look to your footage. I share with you some of the most sought after looks from Indie film to mainstream Hollywood. Coming up with stylized grades is one of the biggest challenges of being a Colorist. Top colorists in the world don’t build custom looks for every project, they pull looks from a library of looks they have amassed over their career and give a little tweak here and little there and that’s it! That’s smart grading!

Not many colorists are willing to share their secret recipes but I share with you my personal library of my go to custom looks to get you crack ‘lackin on highly stylized grading.

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20 custom stylized presets

Easy installation

Presets available in “Effects” Browser in FCP X

Presets ALSO available in the Color Board in FCP X

2 BONUS Presets “Adjustment Layer” & “Broadcast Safe Filter” for FCP X

Adobe Presets available for both Mac/Windows

Adobe Presets can be fine tuned under “Effect Control”

Final Cut Pro 7* is now supported

20 Custom Stylized Looks

Luster Grade Presets 2


Easy to install

Installing is easy! Just simply unzip and run the convenient pkg installer! If you prefer to manually install the files just simply use the “import” function!

Presets available in the “Effects” Browser in FCP X

This is one of the beauties of the “Effects” browser you can easily do a “live preview” of the Luster Grade Presets before you actually apply them. Once applied if the look is too strong there is an option to dial back the amount to which the look is applied.

Presets available in the Color Board in FCP X

Want more customization options? The Luster Grade Presets are ALSO available in the Color Board. Have fun with these, experiment with tweaking and even try mixing the presets together to see what you come up with. If you come up with something you like, then save as a new preset for future use.

Adobe Presets available for both Mac/Windows

Doesn’t matter if you’re on a PC or Mac! After Effect and Adobe Premiere presets are available for both!

Adobe Presets can be fine tuned under “Effect Control”

Want to take the presets even further and come up with you’re own new set of looks? Well you can by simply adjusting the parameters in the “Effect Control” section!

Available for instant download

Well what are you waiting for? After secure purchase you will be redirected to a page where you can download the Luster Grade Presets (20 Pack). Plus an email will be sent to you with the download links.

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