LumaForge and SEIKI Launch Online 4K Content Competition

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If you're producing 4k video content, you may be interested in this competition that our friend is going to be judging.

Vincent Laforet is one of the star judges on the 4K Content Competition we’re launching

Anyone with a Canon 1DC or C500 or C300 can enter (no upressing from HD allowed unfortunately)

LumaForge and SEIKI Launch Online 4K Content Competition

LumaForge LLC (, a world leader in optimizing 4K visual content and workflow, and SEIKI Digital, Inc. (, a leading high-­‐definition and 4K ultra high-­‐definition television brand, announce the launch of the ‘4k Content Competition.’

The ‘4K Content Competition’ starts on July 1, 2013, and closes on September 30, 2013. Video submissions must be shot on a digital camera with a native sensor size of 3,840-­‐by-­‐2,160 pixels or greater and be four minutes or less in running time. Prizes will be offered in four categories – Best 4K Narrative or Documentary Award; Best 4K Sports & Action Award; Best 4K Music Video Award and video with the most YouTube™ 4K Competition Channel views. See for competition rules and details.

“4K UHD TVs are coming to living rooms across the country and consumers are looking for stimulating 4K content,” said LumaForge CEO, Neil Smith. “We’re working closely with content creators to deliver 4K videos in the most cost-­‐effective way. The ‘4K Content Competition’ will be an opportunity for filmmakers and musicians across America to showcase their amazing talents.”

The ‘4K Content Competition’ offers filmmakers and musicians an opportunity to have their 4K content seen and heard by millions of people worldwide. The submissions will be optimized for playback on Google’s YouTube channel and judged by a panel of expert judges. The competition is a skills-­‐based contest with a small entrance fee for each submission.

“The introduction of UHD TV is perhaps the biggest news since the HD TV for both film lovers and filmmakers, and SEIKI is leading the charge to make the next generation of high-­‐definition entertainment attainable at an affordable price,” said Frank Kendzora, executive vice president for SEIKI Brand. “SEIKI is also keen on supporting the cinematography community to promote the creation of 4K content, which in turn will accelerate the adoption of 4K UHD TVs in the U.S. marketplace.”

4K Content Competition Continued

LEFT: Vincent Laforet will be judging the winner of the Best 4K Narrative or Documentary Award RIGHT: Frank Serafine will be judging the winner of the Best 4K Music Video Award

LEFT: Vincent Laforet will be judging the winner of the Best 4K Narrative or Documentary Award
RIGHT: Frank Serafine will be judging the winner of the Best 4K Music Video Award

Responsible for judging the winner of the Best 4K Narrative or Documentary Award is Vincent Laforet. Laforet, a three-­‐time winner at the prestigious 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, is a director and Pulitzer Prize-­‐winning photographer known for his forward-­‐thinking approach to image-­‐making and storytelling. In addition to having been commissioned by just about every important international publication including Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, and Life – Laforet is considered a pioneer both for his innovative tilt-­‐shift and aerial photography and in the field of HD-­‐capable DSLR cameras. His short film “Reverie,” the first 1080p video shot with a still camera, was watched more than 2 million times on the first week of its release in 2009. Laforet is a member of the Director’s Guild of America and a DP with Local 600.

Responsible for judging the winner of the Best 4K Music Video Award is Frank Serafine. Sefarine has been at the cutting edge of sound design and the creation of signature audio effects for more than 30 years. His artistry transforms a visual story into a full immersive experience for the audience. He is well known for his early Hollywood work on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and “TRON,” and he shared an Academy Award® for “The Hunt for Red October.” As the sound designer on these and other films, he created signature effects like the “TRON” light cycles and the screaming torpedoes from “The Hunt for Red October,” but thinking of Serafine simply as a sound-­‐effects guy barely scratches the surface of what he has accomplished as an audio artist.


Best 4K Narrative or Documentary Award – SEIKI 50-­‐inch LED UHD TV (MSRP:$1,499.99)

Best 4K Sports & Action Award – GoPro® HERO3: Black Edition 4K capable camera (MSRP: $399.99)

Best 4K Music Video – MAGMA™ ExpressBox 1T Thunderbolt expansion chassis (MSRP: $538)

Most Google YouTube 4K Competition Channel Views – Samsung Chromebook™ (MSRP: $249)

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The 4K Content Competition is co-­‐sponsored by LumaForge LLC, SEIKI Digital, Inc., Blackmagic Design, MAGMA and GoPro. YouTube, Chromebook and Google are trademarks of Google Inc. All other company and product names are trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

About SEIKI Digital, Inc.

SEIKI (pronounced “SAY-­‐key”) represents a new way of thinking in consumer electronics. SEIKI offers straightforward, reliable digital entertainment experience that is affordably priced and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive customer support.

Featuring the industry's first one-­‐year, no-­‐nonsense, replacement warranty, SEIKI markets a full range of high-­‐definition LED televisions that feature full 1080p resolution. The company also markets an audio product line that includes multi-­‐channel stereo sound bar solutions and portable Bluetooth® speaker models. SEIKI products are available at select authorized national in-­‐store and online retailers.

For more information about SEIKI and its complete list of North American retail partners, please visit

About LumaForge LLC

Since 2005, LumaForge LLC has provided cost-­‐effective workflow services to the production and post-­‐production industry in Hollywood with a focus on digital technology for acquisition, file-­‐based workflow and high quality image delivery. With strong ties to strategic UHD TV vendors, OTT, HEVC and VP9 technologies and an in-­‐house R&D Lab providing real-­‐world 4K experience, LumaForge offers the most advanced, efficient and cost-­‐effective IT workflows on the market. LumaForge’s 4K Optimization platforms include systems and services for 4K production, post and delivery.

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