Komputerbay 256GB Compact Flash Card

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A guest post from Michael Anthony of Michael Anthony Visuals… (He's the guy who also sent in the post: “TV Commercial shot with Magic Lantern RAW video on Canon EOS 5D Mark III

When I asked about the $699 price he said:

Yes, they're expensive… but just consider the price of the slower speed Lexar 1000x 128GB is $609. So for practically the same price, you get faster write speeds as well as double the capacity. Even if the Komputerbay cards don't end up fully meeting their advertised write speeds, they will still likely be faster than the existing cards. Raw recording using Magic Lantern is already rock solid at 24fps. Getting more reliable continuous raw recording at 30fps as well as longer clips at 60fps would give the 5D Mark III quite a bit more flexibility. It's good to see manufacturers are reacting to the market demands for faster cards required for raw video. Hopefully, this will drive down prices to more reasonable levels.

Komputerbay 256GB Compact Flash Card


From Michael Anthony of Michael Anthony Visuals:
KomputerBay just made available on Amazon, a larger capacity, faster version of their CF cards. Speed has been bumped up to a speed rating of 1200x. They now claim a minimum 140 MB/second sequential write speed (up from 100 for the previous cards).

What this means in real world raw shooting is higher resolutions and faster framerates for continuous raw recording. The following should now be possible…

– 2560 x 1320* 24fps continuous (in crop mode). This is higher resolution than the 2.5K of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

– 1920 x 1080* 30fps continuous (this previously was always hit or miss depending of the card you had.. my fastest 64GB Komputerbay card could only record < 1 minute before skipping frames).

– 1920 x 1080* 60fps continuous (actually recorded at 1920 x 672 in squashed aspect ratio, and later unsquashed/scaled in post to 1920 x 1080)

– The largest capacity card is now 256GB (up from 128GB) so continuous 1080p 24fps raw recording for up 48 minutes is now possible on a single card (up from 24 minutes).

Keep in mind most of these improvements do hinge on the new Komputerbay cards performing close to their claimed 140 MB/second min write speeds.

* 2560 x 1320 24fps only requires 135.3 MB/second for continuous recording

* 1920 x 1080 30fps only requires 103.7 MB/second for continuous recording

* 1920 x 672/1080 60fps only requires 129.2 MB/second for continuous recording

* All figures above assume the 5D Mark III which is the only camera capable of achieving these speeds.

About Komputerbay 256GB Compact Flash memory card

This Komputerbay 256GB Compact Flash memory card allows you to download and store a huge number of photos, music, videos, and other media files to your Compact Flash-compatible electronic device. The card can be used in digital cameras, digital camcorders, and other Compact Flash-enabled devices. Komputerbay Compact Flash memory cards provide an easy to use, high performance storage solution for all your data files so you don't need to worry about running out of memory.

KOMPUTERBAY 256GB CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Product Features and Technical Details

* KOMPUTERBAY 256GB Professional COMPACT FLASH CARD CF 1200X WRITE 140MB/s READ 180MB/s Extreme Speed UDMA 7 RAW 256 GB

* Capture and store high-quality images and 1080p HD video with your DSLR camera

* Min 180MB/second sequential read and Min 140MB/second sequential write. Universal low cost data storage and communication media. Designed to meet the critical speed performance needs of serious professional photographers. Advanced file management


* Comes with free plastic compact flash case
For more details about the product, click HERE

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