Introducing IguanaLapse – a new timelapse app

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It's been a while since we started teasing everyone with IguanaLapse development in progress. The good news is that we have just launched the App in the App Store and the IguanaMill website is already up and running. More details on IguanaMill website, Facebook and below.


August 1st, 2013


Meet the first iOS timelapse app for professionals.

IguanaLapse is the first timelapse app that is easy to use and brings powerful features to shoot amazing timelapses using iPad & iPhone built-in cameras or remotely control a DSLR Camera.

At a glance

1 App, 3 Core Operating Modes

  • IguanaLapse iOS /Already available at the AppStore/
    Easily shoot professional timelapses with an iPhone or iPad. No additional hardware required.
  • IguanaLapse Plus /Already available at the AppStore/
    Shoot timelapses with a DSLR camera using an iPad or iPhone as an advanced intervalometer. Requires IguanaMill Shutter Release Dongle & DSLR camera.
  • IguanaLapse Pro /Coming Soon/
    Take full remote control of a DSLR camera and shoot stills & timelapses that were never possible before (including Live View from the camera on the iPad). Requires IguanaCube hardware & DSLR camera.

Additional features and modules

  • Timelapse Calculator / Storage Calculator / Media Library / Rich metadata and geotagging / Hire Stills saved with timelapses / Interval ramping and GPS-triggering

In Detail

IguanaLapse iOS features

IguanaLapse iOS is the first timelapse app that is easy to use and brings you powerful features you need to shoot amazing timelapses using iPad & iPhone built-in cameras.

  • Easy configuration for timelapse novices thanks to a refined user interface.
  • Precise Control and flicker free timelapses thanks to independent focus/exposure/white balance settings and locks.
  • Powerful Stills thanks to separate focus, exposure metering and white balance locks.
  • Full HD 1080p Export Quality
  • Motrr Galileo Integration (coming in v1.1)

Galileo Motrr Integration


One of the cool features of the very next update is the Galileo Motrr integration brigning you motion-controlled timelapse capabilities on the iOS devices.

Here's just a very quick preview of an early work-in-progress build.

IguanaLapse PLUS features

Connect a DSLR camera to an iPhone or iPad using an IguanaMill Shutter Release Dongle. Enjoy remote triggering of your camera in stills and timelapse mode taking a step ahead of what’s possible with traditional intervalometers.



  • Stills and timelapse shooting
  • Interval ramping
  • Bulb ramping
  • GPS Triggering
  • Shutter angle lock
  • Full prefocus signal control


  • Requires IguanaMill Shutter Release Dongle and a shutter release cable
  • Compatible with the most of DSLRs on the market

IguanaLapse Pro features

Take full control over your DSLR Camera directly from your iPhone or iPad with IguanaLapse Pro & IguanaCube. Shoot stills and timelapses that were never possible before.

How it works?


IguanaLapse PRO communicates wirelessly with a compatible DSLR camera using IguanaCube hardware interface attached to the camera via USB.


  • Timelapse preview on your iPad/iPhone while DSLR cam is still shooting
  • Remote access to most of DSLR camera settings directly from your iOS device
  • LiveView on the iPad/iPhone
    (up to 25fps with Nikon DSLRs and 15fps with Canon DSLRs)
  • and many more…

Requirements & Availability

  • Requires an iOS device, IguanaCube hardware and a DSLR camera
  • Expected release: Q4/2013. Sign up for beta at

Pricing and download

Get in touch / /

Sign up for IguanaLapse PRO beta at


(cover photo credit: snap from the app)


  1. This looks like a nice full-featured app, but it’s overkill for me. The only thing I ever need to calculate is the shutter interval. This 99¢ app does the trick:

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