How powerful is Magic Lantern? @LensRentals now renting 5D3 with ML installed!

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Wow, this is a major step for a rental company like LensRentals – and for Magic Lantern as well. This may seem small to some, but for a rental agency to believe there's enough of a market for the Magic Lantern RAW video option to put it on Canon EOS 5D Mark III for rental is a pretty big step.

Here's the LensRentals 5D3 with Magic Lantern

I think that this step helps validate the importance of Magic Lantern and how Canon should sit up and take notice of the impact Magic Lantern is having on the market and should add some of these features to their cameras in the first place. The market is demanding it (if you ask me). - Rent a Canon EOS 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW Hack Kit – Rent a Canon EOS 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW Hack Kit

LensRentals description

This camera’s firmware has been altered to shoot RAW video. It will still function normally otherwise, but we’re renting it as a RAW-hacked camera.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW Hack Kit includes everything you’ll need to get started shooting RAWvideo with the Canon 5D III. Key features include:

  • RAW Hack Firmware(08/06/13)
  • Expanded Video Features: Magic Lantern gets you the most out of your camera by unlocking professional features like peaking / zebra filters, superb audio controls, and even a built-in intervalometer for making time lapses.
  • Requirements: Recording RAW video requires incredibly fast CompactFlash cards. Lexar 128GB 1000x cards are currently the only cards we carry fast enough for RAW recording. This kit includes one of the Lexar cards, but more can be rented here.

What do you think?

Is this going to push Canon at all or are they still going to stay the course?

We don't have any information about whether they will be answering questions if the users have problems, but they do provide some links to Magic Lantern posts to help.

via – Rent a Canon EOS 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW Hack Kit.

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