Formatt-Hitech release the ProStop IRND Long Exposure Filter Kit

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Formatt-Hitech release the ProStop IRND Long Exposure Filter Kit, Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Series

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Formatt-Hitech have partnered with Joel Tjintjelaar, one of the world’s leading long-exposure fine-art photographers, to develop a filter kit specifically designed to meet the needs of long-exposure fine-art photographers. Tjintjelaar specializes in black & white architectural and landscape photography and regularly makes exposures in excess of five minutes. His technique relies heavily on the use of dark neutral density filters. In most cases he uses 16 stops of ND. This kit offers a turnkey solution for any photographer who endeavors to create long-exposure fine-art photography.

The core of the kit contains three dark ProStop IRND filters in 3, 6 and 10 stops of ND. The ProStop IRND is the world’s most neutral dark ND filter. ProStop IRND reduces both visible light and infrared light. Traditional ND filters only reduce visible light, leaving the digital sensor bombarded with tens of thousands of times more infrared light than visible light. This overwhelms the sensor and creates digital artifacts and unwanted colorcast. The digital artifacts that occur when using traditional ND filters leave dark areas of the image mottled and leave banding in the skies. Eliminating the infrared contamination by using the ProStop IRND leaves dark areas of the image crisp and black, and eliminates the digital artifacts that cause macroblocking. This increase in captured image quality allows shooters such as Joel, who use heavy color grading and post production modifications, to render images that are suitable for fine art.

The kit includes an instructional booklet authored by Joel Tjintjelaar detailing his technique for creating long exposures. The booklet covers equipment choice, settings, step-by-step instructions for making exposures and more. The kit also includes a printed, folding long-exposure conversion chart for shooters to use in the field. Using the chart, the shooter takes a meter reading in their camera, adds the ND filters, then quickly finds the desired exposure duration on the chart based on the stops of ND added. The kit includes everything a photographer needs to begin making long exposures.

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“There is a movement among photographers to create black & white architecture and landscape photography. We attended some long-exposure workshops and realized that the needs of those photographers were not being met by anyone. So we asked Joel to create the perfect kit for anyone shooting long-exposure.” says Rod Clark, VP of Marketing at Formatt-Hitech. “Using combinations of these filters you can have 3, 6, 9, 10,13 or 16 stops of ND, and we’ve created kits for users who want circular screw-in or rectangular filters. Plus we’re offing the kits with the Lucroit holder system for large-barrel wide-angle lenses such as the Nikon 14-24, Canon 14L, and Zeiss 15mm and twenty other wide-angle lenses. For the first time ever, shooters will be able to use these gorgeous lenses to their full potential for architecture and landscape photography.”

The ProStop IRND Long Exposure Filter Kit, Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Series is available with either circular screw-in filter or rectangular filters for holder systems.

The circular screw-in sizes are offered in:

– Circular sized 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm.

– 100mm rectangular

– 100mm rectangular with holder system, plus 77 & 82 adapter rings.

– 165mm for the Lucroit holder system.

– 165mm including a Lucroit holder system and a lens specific adapter ring.

The ProStop IRND is made in Wales UK and designed using advanced science in light modification. The filters are produced on the most advanced computer controlled manufacturing equipment in the industry, meaning that shooters can purchase additional ProStop IRND filters at a later date and they will match and stack perfectly with their existing filters.

The kits represent a significant savings over purchasing individual filters. The kits are available for pre-order today and deliveries are expected before the end of August.

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About Formatt-Hitech

Formatt-Hitech is a UK based manufacturer specializing in premier quality filters for both photographers and cinematographers. Formatt-Hitech utilizes industry leading manufacturing processes to create filters that pass rigorous scientific testing using advanced spectrography analysis. Technologically speaking, Formatt-Hitech filters are the most advanced filters on the market with regards to materials, optical purity, and light modification. Formatt-Hitech is one of the largest exporters of manufactured goods in Wales and is the Rhondda Cynon Taf (South Wales) Business of the Year 2012. Formatt-Hitech’s Absorbing Cell™ Dying Technology has been recognized with a Queens Award for Industry.

About Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel Tjintjelaar (pronounced chin-che-laar) is an international award-winning photographer from the Netherlands. Joel specializes architectural and landscape photography and uses long exposures to give his images a dramatic and ethereal quality. Joel has pioneered new techniques in post-production (called iSGM). These techniques have redefined what is possible in black and white fine-art photography. Joel Tjintjelaar’s work can be found at Joel is also extremely active online leading several photographic communities on both Facebook and Google+.

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