First planet5D ebook with a bit of HDSLR history – get it free thru Aug 31!

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Our first official planet5D ebook for the iPad is now on iTunes and you can get it free thru August 31st!

Everyone who spends any time here at planet5D knows we've posted a ton of great stories over the years and that there's so much information buried in planet5D it is very difficult to find some of it. So we've decided to try to help you get to more of it and over time, we'll be coming out with several e-books. This is our first.

It is called “Top 25 planet5D Blog Posts” and it is a historical look at the posts with the most views (which I understand doesn't mean they are necessarily the ‘best') by the end of 2012. I've priced it at $4.99 – but you can get it for free thru Aug 31st!

The Top 25 was initially envisioned to be our first iPad only book because it contains a lot of posts including videos. A flat PDF doesn't show those off directly in the book itself so I wanted to see what I could do with iBooks. So this first ebook is iPad only… but don't fret, you can get it in PDF format for free! Just subscribe to our VIP daily planet5D email and you get not only the PDF version of the Top 25 ebook, but 2 other PDF ebooks of interviews with Shane Hurlbut and Gale Tattersall!

planet5D top 25 most read posts cover - click to visit the iTunes book store

planet5D top 25 most read posts cover – click to visit the iTunes book store


We've gotten some feedback on the ebook on iTunes – I did give away some copies on twitter a couple of weeks ago and asked for feedback.

A great iBook

by iCrizzo: If you are a reader of the planet5D site then you will enjoy this iBook of the top post from the site. Has some great tips and you can even keep notes and play videos in the iBook.

A Must-Read For HDSLR Filmmakers!

by FilmmakerEric: As a visitor for years, I found this e-book a great distillation of some of the best blog posts the site has to offer. Being able to click on videos directly from within the book made it an even more enjoyable, information-pack read.

This one from iGert who's always been a big planet5D fan on the Dutch store:

DSLR Treasure Trove

by iGertKracht: This book is a real treasure trove for everyone who wants to know more about DSLR camera's. And this is only the top 25. Wait until you visit the website.


What do you think?

I'm certainly excited to be sharing this book with you and I'm really looking forward to putting out more planet5D titles in the future! And so far, the feedback has been terrific so I'm sure you'll enjoy the look back in time.

But I'm eager to see what you think (and of course, if you want to post feedback in the iTunes store, I'd greatly appreciate it!) so please download it and let us know what you think?

iTunes – Books – Top 25 planet5D Blog Posts by planetMitch.

(cover photo credit: snap from the book)

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