DP7-PRO Field Monitor

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Here's an update on the SmallHD DP7-Pro field monitor from the folks at SmallHD!

DP7-PRO Field Monitor

The DP7-PRO Field Monitor is a powerful and fast new way to monitor HD video. Equipped with tools such as Waveform, Vectorscope, and RGB Parade, the DP7-PRO’s menu system and user interface allow the user to access and customize settings with ease.

DP7-PRO User Interface Experience

This quick overview video gives a snapshot of what the DP7- PRO is capable of on-set for improving workflow using customizable monitor configurations.

Accurate Color and Scopes

DP7-PRO Accurate color and scopes

* Precision Rec. 709 Broadcast Color
* DCI P3 & Rec 601NTSC Color Space
* Color Bars, Blue Only & Monochrome
* True black levels – infinite contrast ratio

Quick Access to Nearly Every Feature

DP7-PRO Quick access to every feature

* 24 Programmable “Smart Keys”
* Hand Detection technology for quick accessibility
* Customize size, position & opacity of tools and scopes
* Save and load user profile settings via SD Card

Less Gear – More Functionality

DP7-PRO Less Gear more functionality

* Cross Conversion – SDI to HDMI, HDMI to SDI
* Dual Output – SDI in, SDI+HDMI out or HDMI in, HDMI+SDI out
* Waveform -highest resolution available
* RGB Parade, Vectorscope
* Industry- leading Focus Assist
* False Color with on-screen guide
* 2 customizable Zebra functions
* Seamless accessory integration via X-Port expandability port

Rugged Design for a Life on the Road

DP7-PRO Rugged Design for a life on the road

* Ultra durable Aluminum skeleton
* Recession switches & ports to prevent damage
* Locking power & signal ports

Learn more HERE

DP7-PRO In Review | Detailed Walkthrough Video

An in-depth look at the extensive feature set and customizable menu system of the DP7-PRO.

Table of Contents

00:40 – Hardware Overview
02:47 – Power Options
10:06 – Smart Keys
19:46 – Tools & Features (Waveform, Vectorscope, RGB Parade, etc.) 33:37 – Color Options (Rec 709, DCI P3, Rec 601 NTSC)
39:40 – Design Features

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