Camera Drone crashes into crowd – malfunction or pilot error?

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Just saw this tweet by @AnthonyQuintano which is one of our greatest fears about using these multi-copters for any events near crowds. We don't know much about whether there were any injuries – but maybe the bulls caused more injuries than the copter crash… these crazy people were there for a “bull run” – read more and see video.

In the video below, you see there appears to be a ‘contour' kind of camera (small cylindrical camera somewhat like the goPro) and suddenly, it alters angle and dives right into the crowd… the gentleman filming shouts that it hit some man in the face.

This is the tweet we saw – scroll down for the video!

Camera Drone crashes into crowd


DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. WTVR — A drone grabbing video of Saturday’s historic bull run in Dinwiddie County crashed into the crowd. It happened at the Virginia Motorsports Park just before the 12 p.m. wave of the Great Bull Run kicked off. The drone had been flying high above the track before it neared the stands. As the flying object dipped down, it steadied for a bit before taking a sharp left, speeding up and crashing into the stands. There has been no word if anyone was injured.

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Other crowd crashes?

Poking around the web a little, I found this video of a drone being flown very close to a crowd (but supposedly not directly over the crowd) when they lost control and managed to divert it into the Thames river before it hurt anyone. [tentblogger-youtube xMN8dKNkoj0]

According to this article, the pilot had pre-planned to crash into the river if anything went wrong – which was smart, but he also put a £20,000 camera system into the river as well. And, they quickly hired a scuba diver to recover the gear and the memory card.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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