2013 Guerrilla Film Challenge One Week Extension

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Last year, I had a great time being a celebrity judge as well as attending the final presentation at the 2012 Guerrilla Film Challenge (see video at the bottom) and this year should be even better! This year you've got a great chance to enter as the 48 hours can now be the time of your choice (within the window) making it easier for you to enter.

PLUS! The event has been extended! Read below for more info on the extension – and there are still just a few planet5D promo discounts available.

And guess what? There are prizes too – the winner will get $5000!

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if they use promo-code: “PLANET5D2013” the first 20 people will receive $25 off admission ($50 vs $75) and any users after that will be able to receive 25% off the higher tiered pricing for the duration of the event. Pricing goes up as you get closer to the date of the event so get in early!

2013 Guerrilla Film Challenge One Week Extension

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Extended Dates! The 2013 GFC Now Runs through August 25th

Due to a very large and surprising number of requests we have decided to extend the entry one week for the 2013 Guerrilla FIlm Challenge!

This means that the event will run through August 25th which gives you an additional week and weekend to enter.

Back Story

When we decided to expand the GFC this year and offer “flexible dates” we honestly did not know what to expect. This move like many, in the GFC was a bit of an experiment. In fact, this whole event from it’s inception 9 years ago has been a huge experiment and learning process for us. When we first started the event as a small regional event we had 9 films. We never dreamed that it would grow into the global event that it has become and none of that would be possible without YOU – the community of filmmakers. I can still remember that first year we expanded and the “magic and joy” we felt seeing films in all these awesome locations other than our home town.

Over the years we made slight tweaks to the format based on you’re feed back. One of the biggest request since the beginning has always been “flexible dates” but it was only this year that we were able to re-tool the website to make it possible. The GFC is literally a 3 man team. Clint, Steven and myself. That’s it. We all have “day jobs” and the entry fees of this event pretty much cover the prize and the screening… we run this thing on passion and sweat. There are well over 1000 people that participate in this event each year (based on average team/crew size) and it is the three of us that respond to all of the inquires, tweets, and facebook messages. We take our role seriously and try to be swift and responsive. When this event was only one weekend I personally stayed up 72 hrs straight, just taking little 1 – 2 hour “cat naps” so that we could respond to any issues that you have… So expanding these dates is not something we do lightly.

Why Expand the Dates?

It actually means WAY more work on our side in a huge variety of areas. That said, we feel that the spirit of the GFC is about “inclusion” not “exclusion”. We ultimately believe that this event and future events that we have planned are made better for all by having a larger variety of films and filmmakers involved. When we expanded the dates this year it required us to make edits to the format of the site (as I mentioned above) and these edits in turn required us to push the event from it’s traditional May timing to August. We have come to find that while the flexible dates have been met with overwhelming positivity, the August dates have had an adverse effect. As everything got pushed back it meant our ability to spread the word also got delayed. We have heard from numerous filmmakers that have participated in the past that these dates were not good due to various reasons raging from summer vacation conflicts to the beginning of the “back-to-school” season (For many college starts this Monday).

In addition, we know that the word did not get spread fast and as far this year because we are able to see the web traffic and it is a bit flat. However, this started to change as soon as the event opened. Once you filmmakers got out there and started doing your thing, we started getting flooded with emails from people who just heard about the event for the first time. There was a chorus of “Dang… I wish I had known about this” – and so the idea of expansion came to be.

Is this Unfair?

This decision like all the others has been based partially on your feedback. When we first started looking at doing this we consulted the community on facebook, twitter, and via email. We also called past participants, judges and a number of other people whose opinions we trust and respect. Frankly, opinion has been greatly in support of expanding the dates but not unanimous. There are some who think that adding a week seems unfair. We have decided that we do not feel this way. Anyone, who learns of this expansion is going to have little to no advantage. Today is Thursday and people who were making their films now or this upcoming weekend by an large will already have their events set in motion. Those who already made films are not at any disadvantage because they knew of the event and time to prepare.

Again, this is about “inclusion” not “exclusion” – The filmmakers who are likely to benefit from this are going to be people that could not get a team together and/or those who just learned of it. They still have very little time to prepare. Also, there is no “rules” change – Each film still competes under the exact same judging criteria and set of variables. You can still choose when to start your teams 48 hr clock and you still get the random elements assigned.

Will this Effect Judging?

To avoid any delay in prize and screening announcements we are going to start feeding the completed films to our judges right away. Each film is judged independently on it’s own merits using the same criteria. Whether the competition window is two days or two years that doesn’t change.

Wrap Up

This will be the ONLY extension and the event will end the 25th

Above all we thank you for your support. If you have any questions or concerns please Contact US

“Sometimes you gotta to roll the hard six! ” – Admiral Adama


For more information on the Guerrilla Film Challenge, visit www.48GFC.com

Watch the 2012 GFC Screening & Awards

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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