UAV Aerial Video Behind the Scenes with a Freefly and Octocopter

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We love to highlight ways you guys are getting different views of the world, and many of you are fascinated by trying to “fly” your cameras – so here's a sample of work being done and sent in by Chris Futcher – and it includes gear from Freefly – the makers of the MōVI – but this is where they started – flying gear.

I read your blog to keep up with the industry. I'm not sure if you are interested but I wanted to share a behind the scenes of our Freefly gimbal at work with various cameras from the RED Epic to FS700 to 5D.

So this is behind the scenes stuff – we asked for the resulting video but unfortunately is isn't publicly available yet (Darn!).

The Shot: UAV Aerial Videography, Toronto, Ontario

[tentblogger-vimeo 69040624]

Shots of our octocopter's camera gimbal at various jobs around Ontario, Canada. Cameras include RED Epic, RED Scarlet, Sony FS700, and Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Aerial videos shot for Sleeman, KFC, HGTV, HOCO, CAPP, SLICE, HLP & Partners, City of Milton, Ride for Heart, and Mike Holmes.

UAV Aerial Videography

More from Chris:

The gimbal is made be Freefly, the same company that makes the MōVI. This is the gimbal that inspired the MōVI. It has brushless servo motors and is belt driven. The stabilisation is the Freefly Radians. There is one Radian per axis stabilising all three axis. The helicopter is an octocopter we built ourselves. The frame is a kit from Droidworx and we sourced the electronics from around the world.

The cameras are the RED Epic, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and Sony FS700.

UAV Aerial Videography 2

UAV Aerial Videography 3

UAV Aerial Videography 4

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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