Terra Australis – a visual timelapse treat

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Another timelapse visual treat from Phil Arnz and Clinton Harn.

Terra Australis

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Best viewed in 1080p full screen with sound!
Terra Australis – The result of a collaboration of my good friend Clinton Harn and me. We shot this film when I was visiting him in Australia. Among many other films (3 others), this was one of the films we produced. Long nights and believe it or not even cold nights (Yes it gets cold in Australia too).

This film is dedicated to a very special friendship between Clinton Harn, Matthew Allard and me. We encountered briefly at NAB in Vegas last April, but we met again in australia and it's safe to say that we formed a very strong friendship, which hopefully, will last for a very long time! We really hope that this film will bring back some of the memories of the good times that we had in OZ but also give anyone watching it a glimpse of australia!

We shot this film exclusively with 2 Kessler Crane Pocket Dollies, with either a 500 or 200 series motor, all controlled with the Basic Controller. For some shots, we used the Kessler Revolution head, which gave us really nice pans and tilts in SmartLapse mode! All focus pulls were done by hand!

Clinton owns an incredibly sharp set of Carl Zeiss lenses. For the film we shot with the Zeiss ZF lenses but also the older, but optically still beautiful Contax lenses. We mainly used the 28mm F2 and the 18mm F3.5.

Another product we used a lot is the brand new Genus Eclipse variable ND Fader. We were some of the first guys to shoot with it and we love it!

We have to give out thanks to some incredible people who helped us out:
Indra Apriyana – for his contribution
Steven Rushworth & GenusTech
Scott, Ming and Ryan from RODE microphones
David Roche (Silverpixel)
Sean Medvedovsky for helping us out in any given circumstances &spending cold nights over the motorway with us
CR Kennedy
Sharon & Katie at Fox Photography
Tim Arntz (Who happend to be my brother – the name makes it pretty obvious 😛 ) – Hosting us in Narrabri

  LEARN TIMELAPSE: If you'd like to learn more about timelapse, I recommend this ebook Time-lapse Step-by-step  

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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