SpeedLooks Cine Packages: Professional Grading LUTs

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If you're looking for some professional grading tools (and who isn't? Grading is hard if you ask me! HA), these new tools featured by our friends at Color Grading Central look pretty awesome!

SpeedLooks – Now for Adobe’s SpeedGrade CS6 and DaVinci’s Resolve 9

From Color Grading Central:

If you want either that polished Fuji/Kodak (3500 Clean) or BIG Hollywood (3535 Big) film look then SpeedLooks is right for you! Whether you shoot on a Canon 5D Mark II an Arri Alexa or every camera in between LookLabs has pioneered the camera patch and LUT technology to deliver the non-destructive deep color correction results you’re looking for! I’ve negotiated special discount pricing with LookLabs to offer you 3500 Clean and 3535 Big at specially discounted pricing. Purchase HERE for $129 each or bundled together for $199 ($59 Savings!!!)

Note: Works with applications capable of LUT processing, i.e. Adobe SpeedGrade, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

Spiel from LookLabs

SpeedLooks is optimized for the latest digital cinema cameras, however, you can use them on any footage recorded in LOG color space. Included is our specialized camera patch technology, allowing you to customize your look specifically for the camera you shot on. You can optimize for the Alexa, RED, C300, Canon 5D/7D and the Sony F series cameras. Our camera patch technology is an ideal way to give footage from multiple cameras a consistent look. SpeedLooks uses LOG C for our base color space – we call it ‘SpeedLog’. Our camera patch technology automatically converts your camera footage to SpeedLog, which creates a consistent and optimized look across all cameras and footage. If you’re including linear color space footage – shot on any HD camera in any format – into your production, we’ve included a speciallinear patch to help give you a consistency with LOG images.

SpeedLooks is perfect for movies, music videos, on-the-fly sports highlights, documentaries, commercials or any project that requires a high-end 35mm finish. Rich and dynamic colors, even skin tones and the subtleties of the traditional film – SpeedLooks will become an essential part of your tool kit.


The beauty of 35mm at its best. This look will fit more than 80% of your work. This light SpeedLook, is perfect for a romantic comedy or drama and will transform your digital media into a clean, solid 35mm look instantly. You will receive three different film emulations in this pack – KODAK and FUJI – which feature the subtle yet distinct characteristics of each format, and HDR for the RED or Alexa user which provides a really low contrast image. For all other users, HDR is perfect for dailies or even as a final finished look.

BIG SL-3535

What is BIG? BIG really pops cyan, teal, orange, and red to achieve that ‘Big Money’ feature look. It really saturates the image without going over the top. Much like your best Ridley Scott, Michael Bay, or JJ Abrams movies, you can achieve a blockbuster color palette while keeping your skin tones even and your whites and blacks pure.

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