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We're back! Well, planet5D podcasts never left, they've just been in a variety of formats lately. Many of you have told me you missed my voice on the #DCP and so I've started a new planet5D audio podcast.

Background: Several months ago, the Digital Convergence Podcast took an extended break (Carl may start it up again some day) and that left a bit of a void. Chris Fenwick decided to start his own podcast (you can find that here (or here)… but I've felt the need to get back on the air.

I took a vacation at the beginning of July (did you even know I was gone?) and decided to start doing podcasts again before I left. I had made some plans to set up something with Barry Andersson and Pamela Berry (more about them below) to co-host and after vacation the plan was to just pull the trigger and get the party started. So this is the very first episode (even though I've done many video podcasts before) that will be audio only.

Why Audio? In many of the earlier podcasts that I had done, the video was basically nothing more than talking heads, and people wanted audio only versions besides the video ones, so I just decided to do this one as audio so people can listen while exercising, going to work, etc.

I will also be adding some video bumpers and have added some photos to make a ‘video' version that I can upload to youtube (and possibly be seen by people in the second largest search engine on the web). So you can “see” that one below if you want, or you can get the audio only version.

This will also allow me to still do video product reviews and daily planet5D episodes and you'll only need to have one link to get those as well since they'll all be mixed together.

Where can I subscribe? I of course encourage you to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes – there's the audio only planet5D podcast and the ‘video' versions are simply on the podcast link (which again will also include any product reviews and daily planet5D episodes).

Of course, I'll publish the latest podcast here on the blog, so you won't miss them if you subscribe to the planet5D daily email list.

planet5D podcast #1 Audio version


planet5D podcast Video version

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Show notes and links

The show is mainly an introduction to my two new co-hosts with a bit of discussion about life and vacations thrown in…

Barry Andersson (find his book at that link) (website) is an award-winning independent filmmaker. His career started with live television video production and now includes several acclaimed short films, a television pilot, commercials, and a feature film.

Barry and I produced the “Incident on Marmont Avenue” one of the first Canon EOS 5D Mark III shorts last spring (and barry directed… I just stood around and tried to look important)

Pamela Ann Berry describes herself as a “Mom, photographer, video producer, camera operator, actress, always looking to get better and learn more. I want to set myself apart and continue doing what I love.”

My website which now I need to update… filmstudiospa.com
My twitter @pamelaannberry

Tex Murphy website with latest trailer texmurphy.com/

Here's how to get all the episodes:

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