Ikonoskop RAW video isn't dead – "Coney Island" by Jonathan Yi

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Jonathan Yi has sent us this planet5D world premier – shot on the ‘ancient' Ikonoskop in RAW video, this short “Coney Island” is a great example of what this little cam can do. If you don't remember, Jonathan was creator of the famous “Revealing new Canon EOS C300 ‘test’ video from Jon Yi“. If you'd like to know more about Jonathan, we did an interview with him you can see here.

The Ikonoskop hasn't really been on our radar because it isn't an HDSLR, but when Jonathan sends something that is well shot, I sit up and listen. Jonathan sent me this and I perked up:

With all the excitement these days about the 5D Mark III raw hack, as well as the imminent release of the new raw format cameras from Blackmagic and Digital Bolex, I wanted to bring peoples' attention back to a little known camera from Ikonoskop that has been shooting raw format all along.

It is a very unusual body configuration, but hey, if it works! You can also see how Jonathan used it in the behind-the-scenes stills he sent us below.

A-Cam dII | A-Cam dll | Products | Ikonoskop

Ikonoskop and Coney Island

So I asked Jonathan to give us more and this is what he sent:

Since 2008, the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII has been shooting in the CinemaDNG raw format that the BMCC shoots, but the professional post production workflows weren't up to snuff for a long time for CinemaDNG. 2013 was the year it finally became viable thanks to post production workflows now adopting CinemaDNG format like never before, due to the BMCC's popularity.

But even as the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII finally became a viable production camera, it never became popular in the USA, and Ikonoskop is now unfortunately experiencing significant financial trouble. I really wanted to begin using this camera for some serious fashion jobs this summer. It has a uniquely beautiful CCD sensor and amazing ergonomics, both of which are still significantly superior (in my opinion) to any of the new camera offerings we've been seeing.

“Coney Island”

[tentblogger-vimeo 71230008]

My philosophy on camera tests is this: if you have to watch something over and over and really scrutinize the image, you might as well look at something fun. The A-Cam DII's image has an inherently nostalgic feel to it, so I decided to shoot this test video in Coney Island using just one simple prime lens to emulate the style of a point and shoot vacation camera. Coney Island is a nostalgic place for me, as it is for many New Yorkers, and it was the first “special” place I took a girl when I moved to New York as a poor teenager. I decided to cast Elle Vertes since her youthful enthusiasm and style fit the part.

Even though a lot has changed at Coney Island over recent years, it still retains much of its character and I still love it. It was appropriate to use the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII on a test shoot that has a mixed feeling of old and new when the camera creates images that feel the same way.

Ikonoskop Coney Island 1

Ikonoskop Coney Island 2

Ikonoskop Coney Island 3

Ikonoshop Continued

Camera: Ikonoskop A-Cam DII
Lens: 16mm Zeiss Superspeed MKI T1.3
Filter: Heliopan 58mm Variable Gray ND Filter

Dailies were processed in DaVinci Resolve. Edit was done with FCP 7. Online color correction was done on a Baselight system at Nice Shoes by colorist Donato Boccia.

Starring: Elle Vertes

Director: Jonathan Yi

Cinematographers: Jonathan Yi + Mary Perrino

Assistant Camera + Creeper: Lance Lee

Colorist: Donato Boccia at Nice Shoes

Camera Vendor: Ryan DeFranco

Music: “Thirteen” by Big Star

Thanks: Sam Goetz, Joachim Vansteelant, Alexander Chinnici, Alex Kurze, Megan Kelly, Mary Piciocchi, Click 3X

Ikonoskop Coney Island 4

Ikonoskop Coney Island 5

Ikonoskop Coney Island 6

Ikonoskop Coney Island 7

(cover photo credit: snap from Lance Lee)

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