ikan wins exclusive Titla distribution

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This news was a bit ago, but we just found it and we've had a couple of people ask about Titla gear, so many of you may be interested!



ikan Corporaton (Houston) and Tilta Technology Company Ltd (Shenzhen, China) have signed a major distribution deal, making ikan the exclusive distributor of Tilta production gear in North America. The agreement opens the door to markets in the United States, Mexico and Canada, with sales of Tilta products through ikan’s dealer channels or on the ikan website beginning in July.

“With this partnership, ikan is creating a path to ownership and a secure conduit for the purchase of Tilta's high-end film production tools,” says Bryan Raymond, Director of Sales and Marketing for ikan.
ikan has traditionally served the mid-level independent film and DSLR production communities. Tilta's impressive and well-designed cinema and DSLR camera support systems and accessories expand ikan's range to meet the standards of seasoned professionals while staying on budget for developing videographers.

ikan continued

The exclusive distribution agreement is a monumental event in scope and significance. Until now, the only way consumers in North America could purchase Tilta products was through risky online transactions via obscure retailers. ikan's exclusive distribution deal utilizes the company's marketing resources to promote Tilta gear to the cinematic, broadcast and independent film and video communities in North America as well as the global marketplace.

ikan is now the exclusive distributor of Tilta products in North America! Tilta’s high-quality production gear will be available for purchase on the ikan website, starting this July. But you may pre-order Tilta gear now.


For more information, contact ikan sales via phone at (+1) 713-272-8822 or via email at sales(at)ikancorp(dot)com.

About ikan Corporation (Houston, TX, USA)
Website: www.ikancorp.com

ikan designs and manufactures digital video and DSLR production gear used by independent filmmakers, broadcasters, videographers, and professional photographers. Though ikan made its name in the industry selling video production monitors, we offer a variety of solutions for professionals and beginners alike, including: Camera Support & Components, Lights, Teleprompters, Software, Bags, Batteries and Chargers.

About Tilta Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, China)
Website: www.tilta.tv/en/about.asp

Founded in 2008, Tilta specializes in the design and manufacture of production gear and accessories for professional filmmakers. Tilta has creative young designers and manufacturing & sales teams dedicated to producing high quality products that include: Follow Focus, Matte Boxes, 19/15mm Support Systems, and Power Supply Systems.

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