From edelkrone: The New Slider PLUS v2 – plus Shipping Special thru July 18

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We just got this tease from our friends at edelkrone… looks intriguing!

We'll have more next week!

Notice also that edelkrone is running a special — see the ad to the right —->> but it only runs thru July 18th!!!


edelkrone is releasing a newly designed version of SLIDERPLUS


edelkrone has introduced many changes to SLIDERPLUS and will be releasing this new version July 15.

This new version is designed with more aesthetics in mind. So it fits and looks better in your production environment. Color change, hidden wheels, more unified look…


SLIDERPLUS v2 comes in 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large which delivers 40,60 and 80 cm of camera travel respectively.

Even more silent operation: Delrin wheels working on aluminum rails give more silent and smoother results.

The New SliderPLUS comes with 1/4’’ to 3/8’’ converters, providing changeable mounting options.Thus, you can now mount both types of tripods to SLIDERPLUS.

The price and availability info can be found from from July 15.

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