DEFY G5 Gimbal Available For Pre-Order on Tuesday, July 30th

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We've told you before about the DEFY camera stabilizers before, and now, the model for the DSLR sized cameras the DEFY G5 will be up for pre-order in just a few short hours!


DEFY G5 Gimbal Available For Pre-Order on Tuesday, July 30th

DEFY G5 – Following their recent successful launch of the DEFY G2 gimbal, Relentless, Inc. is releasing its highly requested DEFY G5 gimbal, with pre-orders opening Tuesday, July 30th. Like the DEFY G2, the G5 is a 3-axis handheld camera stabilizing gimbal system, but is capable of handling camera and lens arrangements with a combined weight of up to 5 pounds. Filming with the DEFY G5 is equally easy, allowing nearly anyone to make beautiful steady tracking shots with little to no training. The DEFY G5 is scalable, meaning it can quickly adapt to various cameras and lenses during a shoot due to its ease of field balancing. Priced at $3200 US, the DEFY G5 is an affordable stabilizer for independent filmmakers to professional users.

“We are excited to announce our most anticipated handheld stabilizer to filmmakers using cameras in the 5lb range looking to shoot stable handheld shots in some of the most difficult environments”, says Drew Janes, Founder of DEFY. “The G5 is robust, easily adjustable and the design is extremely clean to hide clutter from wires and cables. At this price point, Indy filmmakers on the run to Pro users needing “the shot”, is able to put the G5 in their lineup of most beloved gear.”

Design and Features – Carrying the DEFY family genetics, the G5 maintains a clean, simple design that is able to be fully balanced in the field with little to no tools, while potentially distracting cables and wires are intricately housed in the DEFY's frame. New features include an integrated dovetail slide that allows users to precisely adjust the camera for even faster, more accurate balancing. This cuts down on the time needed to prep for shots, therefore keeping the entire crew on time and able to capture each shot while on set.

To produce the amazingly smooth footage while using heavier camera setups, a vibration reduction plate has been incorporated into the design. This small plate absorbs much of the naturally created shaking and vibration caused during shots that involve running or large body movements where difficult footwork is needed.

DEFY G5 Gimbal Continued

On the back of the G5, mode selection switches are incorporated to allow the user to select between slow pan speed, faster pan speed or straight stabilize. The G5 also has a reset or auto-calibrate allowing the user to correct balance with the push of a button.

Optional accessories for the G5 include a thumb control module that enables the cameraman to self adjust the pan and tilt control directly from the gimbal handle grips. If a second operator desires to control pan and tile inputs instead, a radio controller is also available. Additional batteries are available as well should you need more than four hours of run time.

Purchase of the G5 will include: the gimbal, two LIPO batteries that collectively provide approximately four hours of operation, LIPO battery charging station, and a PELICAN case with interior foam. Customers will also be provided technical support and a customer service rep upon ordering.

A DEFY gimbal capable of holding cameras up to 10 pounds, including the Red Digital Cinema camera, is in the coming month. Kits for mounting the DEFY models to various multi-rotor manufacturers and models are also planned.

The first G5 units will ship in August. Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for the DEFY Gimbal newsletter at, as well as to visit Facebook for current updates: Footage will be coming soon as filmmakers from around the country are filming to share some incredible results!

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